About Green Is Glamorous…

Green Is Glamorous is a trend started by Extreme PR to help individuals and corporations find products and services that incorporate Eco-friendly products and services into their everyday living…

Green Is Glamorous is on a mission to make the world realize that Green Is Glamorous not boring. Ever since the “Green” era really started everyone has this perception that Green has to be boring…and now “Green Is Glamorous” is on a mission to find as many “Glamorous” companies to promote green as fun and not boring… If we promote Green as Glamorous and FUN the world will eventually want to join in on the “Fun”…

Green Is Glamorous is a comprehensive event to help various charities around the world and while doing so we will raise green awareness. Our mission is to incorporate green awareness into EVERY event we host and help charities around the world by hosting fun events that include fashion shows, celebrities, live music, gifting and green awareness.

Please join us on our Mission to get more “Green is Glamorous” Fans on board and to help make a difference in the world…

Please contact us if you want to be a “Green Is Glamorous” expert, consultant or affiliate at: mistyepr@gmail.com or by visiting our website at: www.ExtremePR.wordpress.com

Thank you for visiting our site!!!


One Response to “About Green Is Glamorous…”

  1. 1 ashley

    I totally agree with you and would have to say that Green is the new Glamorous because it just simply is. When people started to go “green” seemed that alot of people were thinking in thier heads… “omg, everything is going to be greeen and not pretty anymore…. its going to be so dull and nothing will ever seem to be the same. Going green could make us take a look at life on a new perpective, it could make us glam in a new and healthy improved way. Going green could change the world and everyone in it if we all cooperate and work together as “one” going green could forever benefit our lives and let us live a lomger and heathier life

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